Data Protection

The Implementing Act on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) makes it mandatory for companies and public agencies to make responsible use of the automated files of any personal data they might have in their possession. The Data Protection Agency works relentlessly, inspecting and imposing exemplary sanctions on those bodies that fail to comply with LOPD rules. The fines may go as high as 600,000 euros.


In UBILIBET, we strenuously recommend companies and government agencies adopt a proactive approach to avoid high costs from possible infringements and their corresponding sanctions.


UBILIBET services are available to help clients get in step with this new reality:


  • diagnosis of the client’s current situation coupled with a risk appraisal

  • legalization of the files with the Data Protection Agency

  • confirmation of the Security Document

  • adaptation of the web page to achieve conformity with legal obligations on privacy and security in the treatment of personal data

  • implementation of the security measures that became mandatory under the Regulations on Safety Measures

  • contracts for the assignment and processing of data

  • legal defense and proceedings with the Data Protection Agency

  • data audit

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