Domain Names

The Domain Names System (DNS) is the basic infrastructure of the Internet. Thanks to domain names, one can send an e-mail, visit a web site, or carry out an electronic transaction. The registration, transfer and administration of generic and domain names and country code names require technological capacity, knowledge of the Domain Names System digital tools, and constantly staying up to date on the various national and international regulations. In UBILIBET’s Digital Identity Department, we offer a comprehensive set of solutions for managing the domain names portfolios for both private companies and government bodies:


  • registration of generic domains (.com, .net, .org, .info…)

  • registration of .ES domains

  • registration of country code domains (, .jp, .cn, .us…)

  • challenge domain names (UDRP)

  • changing problematic registrars 

  • assignments of ownership

  • negotiation and purchase and sale of a domain

  • domain surveillance

  • domain blocking

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