Information and communications technology Law

Given that the main subject of the consultancy arm at Ubilibet is information and communications technology, its Legal Department has also ostensibly developed its legal advice in questions relating directly to this field.

Our skills in this area cover the following services:


  • Drafting and advice for all kinds of IT agreements (development and distribution of software, licences, escrow accounts, outsourcing, maintenance, etc.).

  • Advice on electronic commerce (procurement, online marketing, b2c and b2b).

  • Litigation in respect of piracy and unfair competition on the internet and Technological Arbitration.

  • Liability of ISPs and other providers.

  • Drafting of outsourcing, housing, and hosting agreements.

  • Drafting of domain-name registration agreements.

  • Drafting of website design and development agreements.

Audiovisual, advertising, and communications media Law

There is no doubt that nowadays marketing is a key part of expansion at any company and even for public authorities, and yet marketing must be carried out in a way that is in compliance with the applicable rules (image rights, data protection, or intellectual and industrial property), because otherwise any strategy could fail.

Our field of activity covers, amongst others, the following services:

  • Protection and procurement of image rights.

  • Advice and drafting of agreements in the audiovisual field (broadcasting rights, co- production, ...).

  • Advice and drafting of advertising, marketing, merchandising, and sponsorship agreements.

  • Advice and procurement of interactive advertising.

  • Acquisition of rights.

  • Approval for programmes, competitions, games, prize draws, bets, and the like from an administrative point of view, and of royalties and personal data protection. 

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