Patent Rights and Intellectual Property on the Internet

The illegitimate use of marks, corporate names, and corporate logos and images is one of the offenses that has become most widely disseminated in recent years on the Web. This type of fraud harms a company’s image in the eyes of the consumers and users who, in the face of such insecurity, opt not to use the Internet as a channel for conducting transactions with companies.


At UBILIBET, we protect the corporate identity of cur clients against fraudulent uses of their patent law and intellectual property rights, examples of which include:


  • unauthorized use of the company logo or mark

  • distributors, franchises, or others who go too far in the use of the company’s identity

  • dissemination of outdated materials on the company, including incorrect or false data: news, company reports, comparisons with the competition, etc

  • unauthorized reproduction of corporate material, e.g., copies of photographs, images, texts, files, structure and design of the web site.

  • unauthorized alteration of corporate content

  • criminal content on web pages (insults, wrongful accusations, scams, etc.)

  • phishing: sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft 

  • the fraudulent use of key words or meta-tags on search engines

  • the unauthorized use of services and programming (ticket sales, searches on dates bases, etc.)


When faced with such situations, UBILIBET offers the following solutions:


  • proceedings against the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in order to identify the infringer 

  • establish contact with the infringer and pursue negotiations with a view towards reaching an out-of-court settlement

  • cease and desist notice to infringer via the Internet or through a civil law notary

  • deactivation of the web site hosting the illicit or criminal content

  • modification or substitution of the illegal content, bringing it into line with current regulations and the applicable contractual clauses

  • constant surveillance to detect phishing in real time and rapid response to curtail it where detected

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