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Approval of more than 1000 extensions by the New Domain Program at ICANN has changed the way Internet users operate. It is the largest increase in the history of the Domain Names System. One of the main responsibilities of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is to introduce and promote the competence of the domain names register, assuring the security and stability of the system.


In the past, ICANN successfully carried out two prior rounds of applications for new gTLDs: in 2000 for .AERO, .BIZ, .COOP, .INFO, .MUSEUM, .NAME, .PRO, and in 2004 for .ASIA, .CAT, .JOBS, .MOBI, .TEL and .TRAVEL. New extensions were then approved by very small batches, which was to change with the new generic domain names by ICANN that introduces more than 1,000 extensions in the name space.


The aims of the new domain program are to increase competition and the possibilities of choice of users, and to promote innovation by introducing the new gTLDs that include new ASCII and internationalised domain names (IDN).


The new gTLDs revolutionise the way in which people find information on the Net and change relations in Internet based businesses. From now on, Internet addresses may end in any word in any language, which encourages diffusion of brands, products and services on the Net.


Implementation of the program to create new first level domain names extends the scarce offer of existing domain names, that limited innovation and growth on the Internet.


Creation of new domain names makes monitoring and effective prosecution of supposed brand or copyright infringements more difficult as it encourages segmentation on the Web by contents or by countries, which increases the number of brand related disputes and litigations. Faced with that situation, ICANN has created the Trademark Clearinghouse, a brand data base that contains all the validated and authenticated information on the brands registered, and that has the main purpose of providing a brand owner its registration as a domain name before opening its registration to the public at large, and alerting it when a third party aims to register its brand as a domain name.


In response to the new generic Internet name program implemented by ICANN, companies all over the world have reacted differently. Some companies have decided to submit their candidacy to have their own domain such as .MYBRAND (.CANON, .CHANEL, .FOX, .BMW, etc.), and on the contrary, others have preferred to wait to see how the initiative by the ultimate body of the Internet evolves and act later on.


In any case, companies have the difficult challenge of filtering the list of new delegate Internet domains and detecting the extensions that are most attractive to them, either due to their sectorial bonds, or due to their special popularity, and to proceed to protect their main brands of products and services under those extensions as, if they do not do so, their presence on the Internet would be severely damaged.


Ubilibet offers a monitoring service for all new extensions in order to detect the domains of greatest interest to your company and define the actions to be carried out to protect your company's rights within the setting of the different procedures established in the Internet new domain program.


Experts in industrial property on the Internet and online marketing at Ubilibet analyse the list of new gTLDs and prepare a report detailing the extensions that may be of special interest to you. Our technicians detect, for example, new sectorial domains linked to your company's activity, or the generic extensions that may be directly or indirectly linked to your company in any way.


A team of qualified professionals, with legal training and ample experience in the field of industrial and intellectual property law on the Internet, is assigned to prepare the report that gathers, filters and catalogues the candidacies and new domains linked to your company's activity. The result is a highly useful dossier your organisation may use to establish the correct strategy and adopt the necessary measures to protect its brands as the new generic domain program designed by ICANN is implemented.

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