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Monitoring brands on the Internet

The Ubilibet monitoring service consists in scanning for and detecting the illicit use of a brand on the internet. Ubilibet uses monitoring technology that assesses internet content and detects the commonest forms of brand abuse on the internet.

Trademark infringements


Ubilibet’s experts in industrial property on the internet analyse the results obtained and draw up a report setting out cases of
illicit use:

  • Websites that infringe trademark rights.

  • URLs selling counterfeit goods.

  • Websites with libellous content against the company, its products or employees.

  • Websites that seek to impersonate the identity of the company.

  • Malicious rerouting of traffic towards third-party websites.

  • Abusive registration of domains.

Advanced technology monitoring


The Ubilibet search tool trawls and indexes both the use of name trademarks and the use of product images, and specifically it examines:


  • Visible website text.

  • Invisible website text (including html headings and metatags).

  • Images and other visual content.

  • E-mail addresses.

  • Discussion forums and other pages where messages and opinions may be posted.

  • Global domain names (both generic domains and country-code extensions).


Monitoring report

The report is drawn up by a team of highly-qualified experts with legal training and wide experience in the field of industrial and intellectual property law on the internet, and it lists, filters, and catalogues any harmful content found on the internet.

The Ubilibet team of experts works in close co-operation with the person responsible for the company’s material in order to define the information that is most useful to the company.

Following up the Report

Any possible infringements identified by the monitoring system may be subject to legal action with the aim of stopping the illicit activity on the internet and the removal of the online perpetrator.

Tasks are carried out on a case-by-case basis and Ubilibet issues a request by way of electronic means to the parties involved (perpetrator, internet service provider, online shop, etc.) for the illicit content to be removed.

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