Online Naming and Branding

Choosing the name the company will use to identify a product or service is a transcendental decision that will undoubtedly have repercussions for consumer and user response. All too often, advertising agencies, naming companies and patent rights agents who advise companies on the creation of names and marks overlook the Internet viability of the names chosen.


Doing a preliminary study of the viability of a name or mark on the Web is essential if we want to avoid unpleasant surprises. There are numerous cases where the owners of newly created distinctive marks, after having registered their marks in the Trademark Office, have discovered that identical or similar domain names have already been assigned to others. On other occasions, costly advertising campaigns are launched to promote a web site that is supposedly hosted under a domain name that in the best of circumstances has never been registered and in the worst case scenario, has already been registered to a third party.


To avoid these situations, UBILIBET offers online naming and branding consulting services that integrate the followings tasks:


  • analysis of the state of a name or mark on the Internet

  • feasibility study regarding the registering of generic and territorial domain names

  • issuance of recommendations on similar or substitute names

  • design of action policies for situations where a name has been occupied

  • implementation of the measures proposed in our opinion statement

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