Positioning Marks and Official Names

Millions of web sites cohabit on the Internet, which makes it considerably more difficult for users to find the information they desire. Browsers have become the fundamental tool for finding content on the web. The success of a web page depends on its visibility on the Internet, and evidently, its positioning on the browsers plays a decisive role. UBILIBET offers consulting services in marketing and browser optimization to public and private organizations to increase the audience on their web sites.


Positioning official marks and names on the Internet includes the following tasks and objectives:


  • initial analysis of the company web site (structure, web map, accessibility, etc.)

  • evaluation of the current number of hits

  • definition of the web page target audience

  • analysis of the suitability of criteria and key words

  • signing up for browsers, with periodic optimizations

  • marketing and promotion on the browsers

  • optimization on sector-based browsers

  • meta-tag creation and maintenance

  • sponsored links and the purchase of key words

  • increase in qualified web traffic

  • increase in link popularity (Pagerank from Google)

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